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Lentil soup with red shrimp and boiled chicken

Ingredients for 4 people
500 gr. of lentils Broth to taste
1 potato 1 Walk of celery
1 carrot ½ onion
100 gr of Parmesan 20 red shrimp
200 gr of boiled chicken meat 1 egg white
rice flour 1 knob of butter
A few sage leaves
Recommended cooking tools

Dutch Oven Ø 20cm
Dutch Oven Ø 24cm
Fry Pan Ø 28cm
Lid Ø 24cm
PastaSì Family
Bamboo Cutting Board
Chef Knife
Santoku Knife


In a Dutch Oven soak the lentils in cold water for a few hours and then boil them.

Separately brown celery, carrot and onion (previously cut with a Chef Knife) in another Dutch Oven with extra virgin olive oil, add the boiled lentils, add the stock and cook for about an hour using a Lid. At ¾ of the way through cooking time, add the diced potato and adjust the salt and pepper.

Using the Bamboo Chopping Board, beat with a Santoku Knife the previously shelled shrimp and the chicken meat previously boiled in plenty of salted water (the thigh part as well), add a dash of whipped egg white, 100 g Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Form small balls and roll them in rice flour, then brown them in a Fry Pan for a couple of minutes with butter and sage.


Using a Ladle, place the lentil soup in bowls, overlap the shrimp and chicken patties, and garnish with extra virgin olive oil.

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