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The limited guarantee Pensofal® is valid exclusively for the countries of the European Community.

Pensofal guarantees the repair or replacement of any product manufactured byPensofal and purchased directly from the same or by the authorized dealersPensofal, if it is defective in materials, in construction or processing in conditions of normal non -professional use and following the instructions for the treatment, for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

In the event that the product needs guarantee assistance, the consumer must contact the Pensofal to the e -mail address for an assessment of the guarantee. There Pensofal After investigation, if it is to approve the complaint, it will repair or replace the product without any debit. It is possible to return the product adequately packed and with prepaid shipping costs, together with the purchase test, the name, the address, the telephone number and to a description of the defect found. If the replacement product is no longer available, one of equal or higher value will be provided to the exclusive evaluation and unquestionable discretion of the PensofalThe latter will not be obliged to replace any product that is not accompanied by a valid purchase test.


This guarantee does not cover the following cases:

  1. Abuse, commercial use, or other use not consumer, negligence, abnormal wear, overheating, or any use not compliant with product instructions.
  2. Aesthetic damage, such as scratches, dents, spots, discoloring, color changes, normal wear or other non -functional changes in the appearance of the product that occur during the normal use of pots by anyone and which compromise the functionality of the product as expected
  3. Damage due to improper storage
  4. Any accident caused by fires, floods, natural events, etc.
  5. Commercial, professional or workplace use
  6. Damage to the internal and external coating due to improper conservation, excessive heat or metal or sharp tools.
  7. Damage due to thermal shocks, falls, improper use, failure to comply with the instructions for use and care, unauthorized changes or repairs.
  8. For coatings: deterioration of anti -nades, discoloring, deformation or separation of metal due to high heat, prolonged heat exposure
  9. Damage caused by the use of straw, steel wool, abrasive detergents, bleach and other similar products.
  10. Replacement of any non -defective component of the product (for example, if you buy products with multiple components and only a component is defective, we will replace only the defective component).

This guarantee is limited to the consumer belonging to the European Community. If the product was not purchased new from Pensofal or by a dealer, distributor or authorized dealer in the European Community, this guarantee is nothing.

Pensofal It reserves the right to use refined products or parties or new, repaired or reversed or repaired or replacement process under warranty. These products and parts will be comparable in terms of functions and performance to the product or the original part and will be guaranteed for the rest of the original guarantee period.

Exclusion of responsibility, limitation of responsibility

To the extent allowed by applicable law, the product is provided "as it is" and this guarantee is the only and exclusive remedy of the user in relation to the product.

The only and exclusive responsibility ofPensofal Pursuant to this guarantee for the European Community as well as the only and exclusive remedy of the European consumer, is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product. To the maximum extent allowed by the applicable law and with the exception of the provisions of this limited guarantee, in no casePensofal or its suppliers will be responsible for the purchase of replacement products or for other special, incidental, consequential or indirect damage deriving from or related to the product or its use by the user or third parties. In no case the total responsibility forPensofal It will exceed the purchase price paid by the consumer for the product or the products in question that have given rise to this responsibility. Any oral or written description of a product has the sole purpose of identifying it and must not be interpreted as an explicit guarantee.


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