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Pensofal® leader in the production of non-toxic & non-stick aluminum cookware

Pensofal international markets from over 60 countries.What distinguishes our products, making them the emblem of Made in Italy excellence, is the meticulous care of every detail: quality, sustainability, innovation, practicality and design are just some of the ingredients of our recipe, capable of making it unique and Said your experience in the kitchen.

Our mission is to create well -designed home products that rewarding the standards of what is cooked cargo. In a nutshell, our products are designed to make your life easier and healthier and will give you one more reason every day to be happy to have chosen them.

Research and Development


Innovation and tradition

We never get tired of looking at the future and we continue to put the most advanced technologies in the field to always push us further and improve even those products that we already considered perfect.


Environmental, ethical, traditional, sustainable and sanitary quality has become an indispensable value. That is why it is necessary to purchase products that demonstrate, through certifications, the quality of production processes and materials, attention to the environment and, consequently, to your health. For our part, displaying on packaging and in communication the certifications obtained is a means of assuring you of our reputation and how much we care about your safety.

A kitchen for every taste.

Our mission is to fully satisfy every need, which is precisely why we offer a wide range of products suitable for any type of cooking, suitable at the same time for any hob, including induction

By your side

We accompany you at every stage of the preparation of your dishes: on our site you will find not only cookware but also knives, small utensils, baking pans and our innovative "Ready-to-Table" to present your creations to your guests in the most elegant way.

Not - toxic

Reinvent your kitchen with non-toxic, high-performing and modern products

What are PFAS?

PFAS (perfluoroacrylic acids), which are used in various areas of industrial production, including, also non-stick cookware , are believed to cause water pollution and very significant diseases, such as endocrine disruption and cancer through long-term exposure to these substances. While waiting for this issue to be discussed and regulated by European authorities, some Northern European countries have already banned the use of these substances and consequently the marketing of products containing them.

While 99% of non- stick cookware has PFAS - PFOA & 70% of people in Italy have got cookware with PFAS - PFOA., our items are produced with water-based coatings.

How to protect yourself from PFOA - PFAS?Chose cookware made without PFAS - PFOA like ours. Here's the catch: Many brands market themselves as PFAS - PFOA free, but actually not all of them ,they really are.

When deciding which cookware to buy ,ask for test reports or information showing they are PFAS - PFOA free or without solvents . This is the best way to be more confident with your expense and pretty sure that the cookware is safe to use at home

Our way to care about you

As always, in respect of the environment and your health, we chose not to wait for new regulations , immediately eliminating PFAS from all types of coatings produced, as done in the past for PFOA. All certifications on this subject are available.

100% Recycled Aluminum

Sustainability as a starting point for innovation. We use 100% recycled aluminum for our production . Recycled aluminum cuts energy costs by 95% compared to its production from scratch, significantly limiting CO2 emissions into the environment.

Scrap as an energy resource

Through recycling, we contribute to European policies of sustainable resource use by reducing the environmental impact associated with aluminum mining and its production process. Also through recycling, we avoid massive materials dispersion into the environment. Aluminum is a material that can be entirely and endlessly recycled without losing any of its main features

100% Recyclable

In this way, our products will never become waste to be disposed of, but valuable raw material to be converted

Recycle your cookware

Cookware materials: Ferrous or nonferrous?

Many recycling spots collect commonly used metals, such as aluminum ,copper and stainless steel. However, some of them only process one type, be informed or call them in advance.

What happens if my cookware contains PFOA-PFAS?

Chemicals in most non-stick cookware damage its recyclability. It’s better to collect more info before contacting an entity specialized in recycling

Here's the problem with these products:

They're not good for the environment. And neither are they good for you.

In fact, many companies, using toxic substances, are not protecting your health

We decided to do it differently!

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