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Become a Pensofal Ambassador

You are our missing ingredient

Become a Pensofal brand ambassador and join our community. We are looking for thoughtful creators who are keen on design and are committed to health and environmental care. As a Pensofal ambassador you will be able to grow your presence on Social Networks with our support. Also you will have early and exclusive access to new product launches and be the first to know everything about Pensofal. Sounds interesting to you? Answer a few quick questions below and we'll get back to you!

Benefits for Ambassador

Your Pensofal

Ambassadors get free Pensofal products. Don't be shy, show them off to your followers.

Early access

Can you keep a secret? Ambassadors get early access to our new products and new line launches before the others can do it

Secure Extra Income

Push your audience to buy Pensofal and receive cash compensation on every sale.

Grow your audience

With Pensofal’ support, build your personal brand that includes features on our social profiles, website, email and blog.

Exclusive events

As a Pensofal VIP, you will have access to our upcoming events, from launch Shows to live demonstrations and beyond.

Share the Love

Give away our products to your followers by organizing "Giveaways" in partnership with Pensofal.

Questions? We answer them below

Do you reward the brand ambassador?

Of course! Pensofal brand ambassadors get a commission of every purchase converted as a result of the content they generate.

How often should I generate content?

We do not ask for a minimum frequence or commitment. You can promote whenever you want, how you want, and how often you want. However, we would like to highlight that this program is thought to create a long-term partnership to show how Pensofal elevates your daily life with non-toxic household products. In addition, you will have direct access to our partnership team to understand how to maximize your gains with access to our tips, tricks, and case studies.

What are the benefits of joining the Become an Ambassador program?

Brand Ambassadors enjoy many insider benefits, including early access to new launches, exclusive offers for your audience, co-branding opportunities with other related brands, merchandise and more! In addition, our team will work with you to understand how to maximize your gains with access to our best practices and case studies.

How do Brand Ambassadors receive compensation?

We handle payment through PayPal. All Brand Ambassadors receive a customized dashboard to view and manage all commissions, outstanding payments, other analytics and metrics.

Are the products that the Ambassador brands receive covered by guarantee?

Absolutely. All Pensofal products are covered by warranty as stated in the Terms and Conditions. (link)

Let's get started

Are you ready to upgrade to the next level? Tell us a little more about yourself and we will start to warm up. We are happy you open your home to us


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