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Pasta and potatoes with provolone cheese and chopped red shrimps

Ingredients for 4 people
240 gr of short mixed pasta
200 gr of smoked provola
2 yellow-fleshed potatoes 20 red shrimps of Gallipoli
extra virgin olive oil to taste 1 small onion
Tomato paste Basil 1 bunch
Vegetable broth for cooking potatoes to taste

Recommended cooking tools

Dutch Oven Ø 24cm
Dutch Oven  Ø 28cm
PastaSì Baby
Santoku Knife
Chef Knife
Bamboo Cutting Board


In a Dutch Oven combine the potatoes previously diced with a Chef knife with the onion in brunoise, brown everything for a few minutes then add a teaspoon of tomato paste a few basil leaves and cover with the vegetable stock prepared separately in another Dutch Oven.

Then let it simmer until the potatoes are cooked and tend to flake inside the Dutch Oven.

Using a Bamboo Cutting Board clean the red shrimp from the carapace, remove the central casing and beat them with a Santoku Knife, add a drizzle of oil a few grains of fior di sale then form quenelles.

Inside a PastaSì Baby cook the mixed pasta, once cooked drain it through the lid then add it to the potatoes and stir in the smoked provola cheese off the heat.

It should result in a creamy soup not too brothy.

Add the finely chopped parsley with a Chef Knife.


Place potato and provola pasta in capacious bowls overlay a quenelles of red shrimp a drizzle of oil and decorate with a tuft of herbs.

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