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Silicone Spatula


Heat-resistant (250°C) semi-rigid flexible silicone spatula made with the highest quality stainless steel handle.

The silicone spatula has an exclusive design with attention to every detail.

This kitchen utensil is ideal for spreading, mixing, kneading, leaving no traces of dough or preparation inside bowls, pans or pans.

The silicone spatula has a thin flexible edge that perfectly cleans bowls, pitchers or blender cups without leaving a trace of the dough. One side allows you to reach corners while the other side allows you to reach rounded parts.

It can also be used in steel vessels, plastic bowls or directly in nonstick cooking vessels (including pans) since it does not damage the coating.

The tool is immune to acid attack, does not absorb food odors or colors, and is easy to clean. Silicone spatula is provided.

Sizes: 32.5 x 5.5 cm

  • Non utilizzabile in forno
  • Utilizzabile in lavastoviglie
  • Acciaio inox e silicone alimentare

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Silicone Spatula



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