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Set 8 PCS - New Era

Non -toxic coating
Natural ceramic coating
Suitable for induction
Suitable for 300 ° oven

The New Era set, in Chromotek® stainless steel with a non-toxic EVO-Ceram® coating, ensures safety and sustainability. Scratch-resistant and capable of withstanding oven temperatures up to 300°C, it is compatible with all cooktops, including induction. Features cool-to-the-touch handles and easy dishwasher cleaning. Versatility and excellent performance for impeccable cooking. The revolutionary EVO-Ceram® is free from PTFE, PFAS, PFOA, heavy metals, chemical solvents, and toxic materials, ensuring greater safety and environmental sustainability.

  • FSC® recycled packaging
  • Made of recycled steel
  • Without traces of plastic
  • Non -toxic materials
  • Total absence of solvents
  • No cadmio
  • No Nickel
  • Energy efficiency

Set 8 PCS - New Era


What's Included

Pan 24cm

Pan 28cm

Milk boiler 16cm

+ Glass lid 16 cm

Casserole 20cm

+ Glass lid 20 cm

Casserole 24cm

+ Glass lid 24 cm

Pop-up image

Weight and size

Reliable and safe

EVO-Ceram® coating

Completely free of PTFE, PFAS, PFOA, and toxic materials, EVO-Ceram® offers unparalleled safety and environmental sustainability. Maximum scratch resistance, exceptional durability, and excellent heat conduction for perfect dishes every time. Choose EVO-Ceram® for an innovative and environmentally friendly cooking experience.



Discover the versatility of our New Era cookware line, designed to withstand oven temperatures up to 300°C. The combination with Chromotek® stainless steel ensures extraordinary speed, efficiency, naturalness and performance.
The low-heat-transfer stainless steel handles allow for both professional and amateur use.

Technology and sustainability


The triple universal Thermopower® base, non-deformable and anti-slip with a thickness of 9mm, ensures high thermal conductivity, reducing cooking times and allowing significant energy and cost savings. Suitable for all cooktops, including induction.

Why choose Pensofal products

Coating Pensofal Evo-Ceram® Ptfe Non-Stick (ex: Teflon®)

Does the food glide easily over the cooking surface with a minimum of oil or butter?

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Are the pots and pans easy to wash?

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Non -toxic

Are the materials used for the coating safe for my family and for the environment

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Uniform cooking

Does the surface heat up evenly, avoiding cold spots and unevenly cooked food?

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Do pots work well regardless of the hob or the environment?

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