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New Pastasì Original

Non -toxic
Infinite duration
Suitable for induction
Suitable for 300 ° oven

Much more than just a pot, the new PastaSì® Original in Chromotek® stainless steel made from recycled nickel-free steel is an elegant and functional addition to your kitchen. Its design and versatility, for example as a casserole, risotto pot, asparagus steamer, and especially as a tool for draining food, make it indispensable for every cooking enthusiast.

  • FSC® recycled packaging
  • Made of recycled steel
  • Without traces of plastic
  • Non -toxic materials
  • Total absence of solvents
  • No cadmio
  • No Nickel
  • Energy efficiency
20 cm
18 cm - 24,5 cm con coperchio
31,5 cm
1465 g
5 litri
Inductor bottom:
17 cm

New Pastasì Original


New Pastasì® Original

The new Pastasì® Original, exclusively nickel free recycled chromotek® steel

Welcome to the evolution of culinary practicality with the New Pastasì® Original in Chromotek® stainless steel , the perfect partner for the modern and versatile cuisine. With over 30 years of experience in the preparation of stress -free dishes, we present our lastcreation that combines the reliability of the Pastasì® to the durability and the elegance of the stainless steel steel, introducing unique characteristics that make it eco -sustainable, safe and perfect for any kitchen.

Technology and sustainability


The triple universal Thermopower® base, non-deformable and anti-slip with a thickness of 9mm, ensures high thermal conductivity, reducing cooking times and allowing significant energy and cost savings. Suitable for all cooktops, including induction.



Chromotek® stainless steel is a superior quality material, not only for its resistance and durability but also for its total sustainability. Made with recycled nickel-free stainless steel, the PastaSì® Original is the ideal choice for those with intolerances and for the environmentally aware. It is a line that meets both culinary needs and ethical choices.

How to use Pastasì® Original

Insert the lid into the appropriate guides

Rotate the lid to ensure the locking

Drain the water safely


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