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Mini Skillet two handles


S/steel Mini skillet.
The particular composition of the materials makes it unique, guarantying high performances both on professional and amateur level.

Smart anti-burn handles in stainless steel. 

Exclusive “Sandwich” bottom in stainless steel suitable for all kind of hobs, including induction.

Ideal for cooking, serving and tasting food directly from the pot. Packed in gift box with protective bag usable for saving the product.

  • Funzionalità (induzione, gas, elettrico e vetroceramica)
  • Utilizzabile in forno fino a 300°C
  • Utilizzabile in lavastoviglie
  • Acciaio inox
  • Corpo triplo strato (acciaio, alluminio e acciaio) e manici in acciaio
14 cm
5 cm
20 cm
0,472 kg
0,55 lt
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Complete your kitchen

Skillet two handles

28 cm


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Mini Skillet two handles


Our 5-layer system makes copper suitable for use on all hobs including Induction hobs

1. 18/10 stainless steel layer
The NO TOXIC steel layer makes the product strong, durable, easy to clean ensuring maximum hygiene and total health safety.

2. Aluminum layer
The aluminum middle layer optimizes heat distribution over the pan body.

3. Copper layer
Copper is the metal with the highest thermal conductivity and provides excellent results.

Double "sandwich" bottom:

4. Aluminum layer
The aluminum layer optimizes heat distribution.

5. Magnetic stainless steel layer
The non-deformable steel layer on the bottom ensures maximum stability on cooktops and also makes the product suitable for Induction.

PFAS(perfluoroacrylic acids)often used in various areas of industrial production, including, non-stick pots and pans. PFASs are believed to cause water pollution and in the long run can cause certain disorders and serious illnesses in humans. Out of respect for the environment and especially for your health, we have preferred not to wait for the regulatory times that prohibit their use, but have already eliminated PFASs from all types of coatings for some years now, as was done in the past for PFOA.
All certifications on this subject are available.

Facciamo one Sforzo Considerevole by promoover gli aspete ambiental ambient, the envoys alla our attention almso al tempo stesso il BENESSER gods chi sceglie 1 our products. Vogliamo raggiungere il cuore di chi come if you were preoccupa degli ambiental envoys ai prodotti che acquista. Tutte le our pentole nascono da un 'approfondita ricerca di come single strumento da cucina possaGreen The tutti gli aspetti. Abbiamo scelto infatti ESPLUSIVAMENTE Manicus e maniglie in acciaio inex, eliminating completamente qualiaiasi material plastic dai prodotti e dal packaging.

Nella ricerca dell'Ennovazione e dell'Eccellenzione, le our collezioni riducono le risorse utilizzate e le emission di co2 attraverso l'impiego di material gods recepero che riduce anche l'uso di sostanze chimiche artifacts, sostituite da material enrichment da fonti sostenibili e verificate . A protection of your health e dell'ambiente 1 our articles tone prodotti with rivestimenti a base d'acqua deprived pertanto di paying nocivi, pfoa, pfas, BPA e metal pesanti come Cadmio, Nichel Piombo.


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