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S/steel Block with 5 knives


Set with stainless steel block and 5 monoblock s/steel forged and satin knives. Practical and elegant, it can be adapted to any kitchen worktop.

Packed in an elegant gift box.

The set consists of:

1 monobloc Multipurpose knife in stainless steel, forged, satin. Thanks to the perfect balance it is ideal for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit in total safety;

1 monoblock Chef knife in stainless steel, forged, satin. Ideal for cutting, slicing and mincing;

1 serrated single-piece Bread knife in stainless steel, forged and satin, ideal for cutting all types of bread but also meats and vegetables;

1 monobloc Santoku knife in forged and satin stainless steel, typically Japanese, whose name translated into the language of origin means three virtues, it is ideal for cutting, filleting or boning raw meat and fish with excellent smoothness. The blown cut creates air pockets to prevent the fine or soft slices from sticking to the blade;

1 monobloc Paring knife made of forged and frosted stainless steel is ideal for peeling and performing precision work with small fruits or vegetables with a rounded surface.

  • Stainless steel
  • Steel blade and handle
  • Usable in the dishwasher

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Chef Knife

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S/steel Block with 5 knives



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