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The launch of a new line: UNIQUM

From August 13 to September 27, 2014, an extraordinary advertising campaign will be launched dedicated to the brand-new UNIQUM line, promising to transform the way we perceive cooking. With a total of 20 planned features in the renowned magazines DIPIU’, DIPIU’TV, DIVA&DONNA, DIPIU’ CUCINA, and the prestigious weekly magazine F, all part of the Cairo Group, this campaign is poised to become an epochal event in the world of kitchenware.

The pots from the brand-new UNIQUM line aren't just culinary tools; they are functional works of art, designed with impeccable balance between form and function. This advertising campaign aims to capture the attention of cooking enthusiasts and design connoisseurs, offering a comprehensive overview of the extraordinary features that set the UNIQUM line apart.

Each feature in DIPIU’, DIPIU’TV, DIVA&DONNA, DIPIU’ CUCINA, and the weekly magazine F will provide an opportunity to delve into the UNIQUM pots in detail, discovering their quality, premium materials, and innovative technologies that make them unique. The pages of these magazines will become the stage upon which the UNIQUM line performs, showcasing how elegance and functionality can merge into a perfect harmony.

Readers will be taken on a journey through Pensofal's expertise, attention to detail, and the refined aesthetics of the pots designed for the brand-new UNIQUM line. Each issue will be an opportunity to immerse oneself in the stories of chefs and cooking experts who have chosen UNIQUM as their ideal companion in their culinary adventures.

Prepare to fall in love with cooking like never before. From August 13 to September 27, follow eagerly every feature in DIPIU’, DIPIU’TV, DIVA&DONNA, DIPIU’ CUCINA, and the weekly magazine F, and be inspired by the new era of pots with the extraordinary UNIQUM line.


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