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Pensofal as Technical Partner of FESTAVICO 2016

Nola, May 2016 - May 29 marks the official beginning of "FESTAVICO 2016," an extraordinary event that for three days brings together the best chefs from across the peninsula to Vico Equense, carrying a message of friendship and professionalism alongside their exceptional dishes. Pensofal International SpA joins them as a technical partner in this celebration that embodies the energy and passion of local traditions and beyond. Pensofal products, also recommended by Chef Bruno Barbieri, are designed to meet the most specific needs of the professional sector.

Pensofal will actively participate in the event as a technical sponsor, promoting and spreading the culture of good cuisine. In this captivating showcase, culinary art takes center stage through Pensofal's cooking tools, characterized by an innovative and diversified range, environmentally friendly, and suitable for all types of cooktops, including induction. The BiostonePro® line, with its exclusive Pensofal patented multilayer mineral coating, and the Uniqum® line, free from nickel, heavy metals, and PFOA, with a double stainless steel bottom, are just some of the high-quality pots selected for the event.

The versatility of the Pensofal line allows for excellence in every type of preparation, whether it's starred cuisine, street food, the secrets of master pizza makers, or high pastry techniques. This variety of scheduled events illustrates how Pensofal is capable of satisfying all market segments and uses, including the professional one, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience for all participants of "FESTAVICO 2016


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