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Hard as a rock

Body in high thickness aluminium, 100% Recycled , with exclusive non-stick inside/outside coating Biostone®, 4 layers, STONE effect, reinforced with hard natural minerals, PFOA free, ultra-resistant to scratches and abrasions, that guarantees maximum non-stick performances without adding oils or fats.

Both coatings are harmful solvents totally free and natural water-based.

Thanks to the exclusive patented double and forged bottom with flat surface “FULL INDUCTION”, Vesuvius® collection is suitable for all kind of hobs, including Induction. The application of the magnetic stainless steel double bottom to the body of the pan happens through the entrance of metallic tips into the body of the pan that makes the detachment impossible and allows the uniformity of the heat from the bottom to the inside. Result of continuous technological researches, our patented system with the wider flat contact surface differs from the common pierced bottoms on the market and guarantees better performances, up to 30%, in terms of transmission and speed of the heat.

The ergonomic and anti-burn handles are made of Bakelite 

Vesuvius range is suitable for people intolerant to heavy metals.


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