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Pensofal Introduces Biostone - Excellence in Healthy Cooking

Biostone, Pensofal's recent creation, is the ideal line for those who wish to prepare meals in a healthy manner while maintaining high standards of performance and kitchenware quality. The interior coating consists of a layer reinforced with hard minerals, an intermediate multilayer of enhanced resistance with mixed mineral particles, and two non-stick layers, with an external one characterized by maximum non-stick properties, reinforced with hard stone-effect minerals for ultra-resistance. This technology, known as Biostone Pro, represents an exclusive patent of Pensofal and ensures cooking uniformity, impact resistance, limited need for seasoning, and extreme ease of cleaning thanks to impeccable non-stick properties.

The bakelite handles and grips eliminate the risk of overheating during use, while the glass lids come with a Dosaroma knob, useful for maximum flavoring of dishes, and a steam release valve that prevents fogging of the glass during cooking. Pensofal's Biostone range is a comprehensive solution for those seeking a healthy, efficient, and high-quality kitchen


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