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Product Placement targeting the most popular TV Cooking Shows

The Product Placement strategy aimed at renowned TV Cooking Shows has been put into action:


The new chapter of "Top Chef - The Revenge" features a selection of former contestants from the first two editions, chosen by the judges Giuliano Baldessari, Annie Féolde, and Mauro Colagreco to once again demonstrate their talent. "Top Chef - The Revenge" offers these contestants another precious opportunity to shine. The protagonists of this stimulating challenge include Masaki, Matteo Torretta, Palmiro, Jacopo, and Maria from the first edition, and Luca, A. Fugnanesi, Cinzia, Victoire, and Puccio from the second edition. An exciting novelty is the participants' itinerant journey, as they won't compete in Top Chef's traditional studio but in constantly different locations, making the experience even more captivating.


The talent show hosted by Benedetta Prodi, "Bake Off," presents a jury composed of Ernst Knam, Damiano Carrara, and Clelia D'onofrio, ready to assess the skills of budding pastry chefs. With 14 episodes of "Bake Off 6", 65 episodes of "Bake Off Magazine", 3 special episodes of "Bake Off Christmas", and 6 episodes of "Junior Bake Off", enthusiasm for the sweet side of cooking will reach new heights of creativity and competition. Our presence in these successful culinary programs will help highlight the quality of our products through authentic and engaging involvement."


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