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Bruno Barbieri as the TV campaign testimonial for the White Diamond line

We’re back with a new advertising campaign featuring print, TV, and web platforms, aiming to introduce the general public to its new line of White Diamond pots and pans.

The special diamond-reinforced non-stick coating, enriched with real diamond powder, highlights the Made in Italy product.

Bruno Barbieri, the renowned Italian top chef and judge on the show Master Chef Italia, will be the exceptional testimonial for the campaign.

The extensive media plan is designed to emphasize the company's strengths:

"Tradition and innovation merge in an impressive communication project with the goal of amplifying the brand's potential."

The commercial, airing since November 2018 with 1550 spots on Sky networks, 1729 on Discovery, and 304 on Mediaset, was produced with the participation of the starred chef Bruno Barbieri, who, with precision and care for raw materials and details, enhances the products and the Pensofal mission.

Millions of web impressions and specifically crafted video content are expected to circulate, ensuring an intensive online presence.

The brand's social channels will be highly active, collaborating with well-known food influencers.

It's a structured campaign aimed at solidifying the brand's presence and introducing its quality to new and diverse user demographics."



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