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Pensofal's Presence at the FESTAVICO Event in Vico Equense 2017

Soon, the next edition of "FESTAVICO" will kick off, an exceptional event that will gather, for three days, the most renowned chefs from every corner of the peninsula in Vico Equense. Our presence as a technical partner will be confirmed, immersing ourselves once again in a celebration that captures the energy and passion of great local traditions and beyond. Pensofal products, also recommended by Chef Bruno Barbieri, are designed to meet the specific needs of the professional sector.

Pensofal will play an active role in the event as a technical sponsor, presenting itself in a splendid showcase where culinary art takes center stage through the cooking tools of our innovative range of products. Created with respect for the environment, these products are suitable for all types of cooktops, including induction, and are capable of satisfying every market segment and usage, including professional ones.

Among the high-quality pots specifically chosen for the event, the Academy Chef, Gastrochef, and Academy Class lines stand out. The extensive versatility of the Pensofal line allows for the enhancement of every type of preparation, whether it's starred cuisine or street food, the secrets of master pizza makers, or high pastry techniques, as highlighted by the rich variety of scheduled events. We are thrilled to share with all participants the unique and extraordinary culinary experience offered by our line of products during "FESTAVICO."


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