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Pensofal Chooses Chef Bruno Barbieri as Brand Ambassador

Pensofal is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with Chef Bruno Barbieri and the selection of AD Mirabilia as a partner for public relations and media relations activities in Italy.

The agreement, marking a significant step forward for Pensofal International, involves an exclusive worldwide partnership with Chef Barbieri, who will become the iconic face for brand promotion. Until April 2016, Barbieri will be the spokesperson for both above and below the line communication of the brand in over 60 countries where Pensofal operates. Additionally, he will serve as a technical consultant for the development of new product lines aimed at both consumers and the restaurant industry.

One of the most exciting projects in progress is the creation of an exclusive Recipe Book signed by Bruno Barbieri, containing a selection of ten recipes specially created for Pensofal. This not only represents an opportunity to explore new culinary frontiers but also embodies Pensofal's commitment to providing products that blend quality and innovation.

Throughout the year, the public will have the opportunity to participate in unique events and initiatives aimed at bringing consumers, as well as specialized press, closer to the company's reality and the culture of culinary art. With Bruno Barbieri's expert guidance, Pensofal aspires to share a passionate vision of cooking, inspiring and engaging an increasingly wider audience.


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