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Wok - NewEra

Non -toxic coating
Natural ceramic coating
Suitable for induction
Suitable for 300 ° oven

Discover the New Era wok, in Chromotek® stainless steel with a non-toxic EVO-Ceram® coating, ensuring safety and sustainability. Scratch-resistant and capable of withstanding oven temperatures up to 300°C, it is compatible with all cooktops, including induction. Features cool-to-the-touch handles and easy dishwasher cleaning. Versatility and excellent performance for impeccable cooking. The revolutionary EVO-Ceram® is free from PTFE, PFAS, PFOA, heavy metals, chemical solvents, and toxic materials, ensuring greater safety and environmental sustainability.

  • FSC® recycled packaging
  • Made of recycled steel
  • Without traces of plastic
  • Non -toxic materials
  • Total absence of solvents
  • No cadmio
  • No Nickel
  • Energy efficiency
28 cm
8 cm
50,7 cm
862 g
Inductor bottom:
17 cm

Wok - NewEra


Reliable and safe

Evo-Ceram® coating not toxic

The internal coating EVO Ceram® natural vitrified ceramic represents the pinnacle of kitchen innovation. It is free from PTFE, PFAS, PFOA, heavy metals, chemical solvents, and toxic materials, ensuring greater safety and environmental sustainability. With maximum scratch resistance and incredible durability lasting up to ten times longer, the EVO-Ceram® coating preserves the properties of your dishes, quickly transferring heat to food.



Chromotek® stainless steel is a superior quality material, not only for its resistance and durability but also for its total sustainability. Made with recycled nickel-free stainless steel, the New Era is the ideal choice for those with intolerances and for the environmentally aware. It is a line that meets both culinary needs and ethical choices.

Discover the line

Technology and sustainability


The triple universal Thermopower® base, non-deformable and anti-slip with a thickness of 9mm, ensures high thermal conductivity, reducing cooking times and allowing significant energy and cost savings. Suitable for all cooktops, including induction.

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Coating Pensofal Evo-Ceram® Ptfe Non-Stick (ex: Teflon®)

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Non -toxic

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