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Mini Saucepan one handle


Mini saucepan one handle.
The particular composition of the materials makes it unique guarantying high performances both on professional and amateur level.

Smart anti-burn handle in stainless steel. 

Exclusive “Sandwich” bottom in stainless steel suitable for all kind of hobs, including induction.

Ideal for cooking, serving and tasting food directly from the pot.

Packed in gift box with protective bag usable for saving the product.

  • Funzionalità (induzione, gas, elettrico e vetroceramica)
  • Utilizzabile in forno fino a 300°C
  • Utilizzabile in lavastoviglie
  • Acciaio inox
  • Corpo triplo strato (acciaio, alluminio e acciaio) e manici in acciaio
14 cm
8 cm
25,5 cm
0,550 kg
1,1 lt
Fondo induttore:
11,5 cm

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Mini Frypan one handle

14 cm


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Mini Saucepan one handle


Our 5-layer system makes copper suitable for use on all hobs including Induction hobs

1. 18/10 stainless steel layer
The NO TOXIC steel layer makes the product strong, durable, easy to clean ensuring maximum hygiene and total health safety.

2. Aluminum layer
The aluminum middle layer optimizes heat distribution over the pan body.

3. Copper layer
Copper is the metal with the highest thermal conductivity and provides excellent results.

Double "sandwich" bottom:

4. Aluminum layer
The aluminum layer optimizes heat distribution.

5. Magnetic stainless steel layer
The non-deformable steel layer on the bottom ensures maximum stability on cooktops and also makes the product suitable for Induction.


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