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White Diamond

Our diamond tip.

Refined and shining, diamond is also the most durable natural mineral known. That's why Pensofal's R&D team made it the basis for an exclusive nonstick coating: the 6-layer Diamond®, reinforced with real 24-karat natural diamond powder. In addition to the pleasure of cooking in elegance, on a clear coating that can create a striking optical effect depending on the viewing angle, the Diamond® coating ensures excellent non-stick performance and maximum resistance to scratches and abrasions. Ideal even for intensive cooking, it is free of stains and halos after use.

The outside coating is nonstick, unalterable over time and easy to clean. Totally green. Both coatings are completely water-based, free of PFOA, PFAS and harmful solvents.

Thanks to the unique and patented "FULL INDUCTION" double bottom forged flat surface, the White Diamond series is suitable for all cooktops, including induction cooktops. In addition, "FULL INDUCTION" technology allows heat to be evenly transmitted from the bottom to the walls, increasing cooking speed and heat conduction by up to 30%. The bakelite handles are ergonomic and anti-scalding. The rivet heads, made of stainless steel, are unalterable and antioxidant. Do you suffer from heavy metal intolerances? The White Diamond line is exactly right for you: all Pensofal lines are made to meet your every need.


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