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IQ Connect Diamond

Discover the power of the diamonds.

IQ CONNECT® is the exclusive Pensofal® line, of non-stick aluminium, with DIAMOND® TITAN coating. Exclusive and patented Diamond® Titan coating, reinforced with real diamond powder, for higher scratchproof performances. It grants best non-stick performances with no addition of oils and fat.

Outside non-stick coating, multilayer, unalterable and easy to clean.

The special rounded shape grants homogenous heating diffusion on all kind of hobs including Induction, with consequent energy saving.

Exclusive Bakelite handles with soft touch treatment for a safer handhold with QR CODE - IQ Connect technology.

IQ CONNECT® is the Pensofal® patented technology through which, with the help of a smartphone, it is possible to access to exclusive content such as starred recipes, sustainable recipes and anti-waste tips can be accessed.


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