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Vapsì Steamer

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Vapsì® steamer in high thickness aluminium, 100% Recycled & endlessly recyclable, with non-stick & non-toxic coating, 9 layers Biostone® Pro, stone effect inside and unalterable outside, anti-burn handles in stainless steel.

Patented stainless steel double bottom with flat surface suitable for all kind of hobs, including Induction.

Both coatings are harmful solvents totally free and natural water-based.

Multiuse Vapsì®, ideal for steam cooking, is composed of four pieces with several functions:

- one wok with two handles
- one tray with holes
- one fork
- one dome lid

Its primary function is steam cooking but it can be used also for frying, warming up, defrosting, cooking two different dishes at the same time and much more. The tray can be also used in oven for cooking pizza, biscuits, cakes etc...

Thanks to its particular dome shape of the lid, Vapsì can be used as practical oven pot without the tray.

Packed in gift box.

  • Functionality (induction, gas, electric and glass -firceramic)
  • Usable in the oven up to 300 ° C
  • Usable in the dishwasher
  • Water-based coating (Pfas-Pfoa Free)
  • Recycled aluminum, steel handles
  • Made in Italy
24 cm
14 cm
29 cm
1,40 kg
3 lt
Inductor bottom:
13,5 cm

Vapsì Steamer

€52,50 Regular price €105,00


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