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Square Grill Pan


Square Grill Pan in high thickness aluminium, 100% Recycled & endlessly recyclable,with non-stick & non-toxic coating, 9 layers Biostone® Pro, stone effect inside and unalterable outside, anti-burn handle in stainless steel.

Patented stainless steel double bottom with flat surface suitable for all kind of hobs, including Induction.

Both coatings are harmful solvents totally free and natural water-based.

The particular flat surface guarantees faster and uniform cooking.

  • Funzionalità (induzione, gas, elettrico e vetroceramica)
  • Utilizzabile in forno fino a 300°C
  • Utilizzabile in lavastoviglie
  • Rivestimento a base d’acqua (PFAS-PFOA Free)
  • Alluminio riciclato , manici in acciaio
  • Made in Italy
28x28 cm
4 cm
47 cm
1,10 kg
1,40 lt
Fondo induttore:
16,6 cm

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Saucepan two handles

20 cm


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Square Grill Pan


Our Winning Product

Pastasì®Family in high thickness aluminium, 100% Recycled & endlessly recyclable

Multiuse pot Which, with its exclusive and patented closing system of the lid, allows you to drain perfectly pasta, from the pot. Without lid it can also be used as a saucepan or risotto. Pastasì Family is also comfortable to serve directly on the table.

  • Our products are 100% recyclable.

    Our products are made of recycled aluminum and because of the s/steel handles they are therefore totally recyclable, this allows us to cut energy costs by 95% compared to manufacturing from scratch while greatly limiting carbon emissions into our environment. This helps protect our planet from the continuing effects of global warming.
  • Our products are 100% non -toxic.

    More than 95% of nonstick cookware is made with toxic chemicals that can percolate into food and air. Our aluminum products are non toxic because they are manufactured with water-based coatings and totally free of PFAS, PFOA, BPA, solvents, and heavy metals such as lead, nickel, and cadmium.
  • Our products are 100% plastic free.

    We have chosen exclusively stainless steel handles and grips for our products, abandoning any plastic accessories. Choosing not to use plastic handles guarantees you longer-lasting use and superior performance. Cooking tools without plastic handles also allow you to use them in the oven.

How we compare

Pensofal coatings Traditional non-stick coating Traditional ceramic coating Die -cast aluminum

Are the coatings materials safe for the family and the environment?

Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - No Checkmark - No
Plastic free

Are the products totally plastic-free?

Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - No Checkmark - No
Non-stick coating

Does food slip easily on the cooking surface even with little oil or butter?

Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - Yes

Are the pots and pans easy to wash?

Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - Yes
Heat conductivity

Does the surface heat evenly, avoiding non-homogeneous cooking?

Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No Checkmark - Yes Checkmark - No

The PFAS areperfluoroacrilic acids often used in various areas of industrial production, including, non-stick pots and pans. PFASs are believed to cause water pollution and in the long run can cause certain disorders and serious illnesses in humans. Out of respect for the environment and especially for your health, we have preferred not to wait for the regulatory times that prohibit their use, but have already eliminated PFASs from all types of coatings for some years now, as was done in the past for PFOA.
All certifications on this subject are available.

We make a considerable effort to promote the environmental aspects related to our business by increasing the well -being of those who choose our products. We want to reach the heart of those like you who are concerned about the environmental aspects related to the products you buy. All our pots arise from a thorough search for how a kitchen tool can beGreen In all aspects. In fact, we have chosen exclusively stainless steel handles and handles, completely eliminating any plastic material from products and packaging.

In the search for innovation and excellence, our collections reduce the resources used and CO2 emissions through the use of recovery material that also reduces the use of artificial chemicals, replaced by materials from sustainable and verified sources To protect your health and the environment, our items are produced with water -based coatings without harmful solvents, Pfoa, Pfas, BPA and heavy metals such as cadmium, nickel and lead.


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