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The ingredients of this successful recipe? Stone and aluminum.

The collectionSaxum It is made of die -casting aluminum with a high thickness. Its internal coating Biostone Pro with 9 strati stone effect, guarantees very high performance in terms of non -stick: scratching proof and abrasions. The external coating, also non -stick, is unalterable over time and easy to clean.
Totally green. Both coverings of the lineSaxumThey are completely based on water, without Pfoa, Pfas and harmful solvents.The double stainless steel bottom makes the collection suitable for use on all cooking plans, including induction.The handles and handles in Bakelite, ergonomic and soft touch, guarantee a safe grip.Do you suffer from heavy metals intolerances? The lineSaxum It is exactly for you: all lines Pensofal They are made to respond to your every need.


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